Office building

Kapweg 3, 4, 5, 13405 Berlin


Sandro Tochtenhagen

+49 (0)30-2430 3477


Situated within the triangle formed by the Wedding, Reinickendorf and Tegel districts, Kapweg 3-5 is very well connected. The location is linked to central Berlin and the rest of the world by underground, bus, motorways and an airport. In the future the area will lead directly onto the ‘Schumacher Quartier’ district development which, following the closure of the airport, will link the technology hub TXL Urban Republic with the inner city. This location is in the heart of the city and is well connected and supplied. It is ideal for travelling to the inner city and outskirts in an equally short space of time. The opposing shopping centre ‘Der Clou’ and numerous supermarkets, not to mention a range of restaurants in the vicinity of Kapweg, are perfect for everyday convenience shopping.

The large spaces in the building allow for all sorts of flexible interior design. Open plan and combi-offices are just as feasible as separate rooms. Lettable areas ranging from 250 sqm to 2,600 sqm of contiguous space on the same floor provide you with a range of options to realise your own ideas. Over seven floors, a ‘building-within-a-building’ solution also forms an enclosed unit approx. 4,000 sqm in size.

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Data and facts

Data status 31.12.2016
Property value in EUR m 30.6
Total lettable area 18,186
Annualised in-place rent in EUR m 0.7
EPRA Vacany Rate in % 58.5
WALT in years 6.0
Main tenant Alpha Com, Radiologische Ärztegemeinschaft
Construction 1997
Refubishment -
Parking spaces 182

PROVISIONSFREI komplette Büroetage (2.600 qm) am Kurt-Schumacher-Platz


Wedding (Wedding)
Kapweg 3 - 5

2.595,8  m²
35.043,30  EUR

PROVISIONSFREI: Viel Platz zum Wohlfühlen! Direkt vom Eigentümer!

Ansicht 2

Wedding (Wedding)
Kapweg 3 - 5

2.000,0  m²
27.000,00  EUR

PROVISIONSFREI: Effektive Büroflächen am Kurt-Schumacher-Platz


Wedding (Wedding)
Kapweg 3 - 5

1.106,7  m²
7.664,76  EUR

PROVISIONSFREI: Ihr neues Büro in citynaher Lage - IN 12 MINUTEN IN MITTE

Open Space2

Wedding (Wedding)
Kapweg 3 - 5

441,8  m²
5.964,44  EUR

PROVISIONSFREI: Attraktive Büroräume - Direkt am Kurt-Schumacher-Platz

Open Space1

Wedding (Wedding)
Kapweg 3 - 5

268,9  m²
3.630,02  EUR

PROVISIONSFREI: IHR BÜRO - mit perfekter Verkehrsanbindung


Wedding (Wedding)
Kapweg 3 - 5

230,1  m²
3.106,76  EUR

PROVISIONSFREI: IHRE Einzelhandelsfläche - gute Verkehrsanbindung - Nahe Kurt-Schumacher-Platz


Wedding (Wedding)
Kapweg 3 - 5

216,2  m²
2.918,43  EUR